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Pick an animal. Just pick one. 

23 deviants said "Dishonor-on-you" look Cow
17 deviants said Loreal Horse
15 deviants said Classy Fluffy Alpaca
7 deviants said Immortal tongue-sticking-out Goat
7 deviants said Human-Eating Rabbits
6 deviants said Bum Sassy Sloth
5 deviants said Bishounen Chimpanzee



BJBB: Node I by bente36
BJBB: Node I

Felix trying to get away from Milie AHAH. Not the actual thing I had in mind but hnnggg so busy I'm sarreh ;7; Going to post this in scrap because I dun wanna spam.

This is for chapter 2
Pick an animal. Just pick one.
23 deviants said "Dishonor-on-you" look Cow
17 deviants said Loreal Horse
15 deviants said Classy Fluffy Alpaca
7 deviants said Immortal tongue-sticking-out Goat
7 deviants said Human-Eating Rabbits
6 deviants said Bum Sassy Sloth
5 deviants said Bishounen Chimpanzee
BJBB: Felix [Hearts] by bente36
BJBB: Felix [Hearts]

"I like Apple"

▌ P R O F I L E

    [ Basic Information ]

Name: Felix Arlington



December 1 (note: this one is made up and it won't be his birthday unless it snows)

Height & Weight: 
5'8" | 130lbs.

Profession: Spy | Thief

Current Rank: B-rank

Card Type and Number: Five of Hearts

    [ Weapons of Choice ]
Daggers / Throwing Knives - made out of hard and sharp crystal. It contains neurotoxins that can paralyze any foes when being stabbed or graze temporarily.

Smoke Bombs - A regular smoke bomb that enables him to manuever or escape while covered by smoke.

    [ Items of Choice ]
Break-In Tool Kit - Tools that are used to break in or out through locked doors. Some tools (like flashdrive or anything that may contain bugs) are accompanied with a need of a hacker for disabling alarms or when the said doors are locked by password, codes or scanning of bodily parts (i.e. fingerprints or eye scan). Felix would insert viruses or strong malware while the hacker does the job to open the doors / disabling alarms (success rate depends on the strength of the security). The Break-In Tool Kit is as the size of a pocket knife.

RF Bug + RF Receiver - RF Bug is a transmit wiretap equipped with a microphone. Uses this to steal and gain confidential informations from the person who the user plants on it. This transmitter is so small that it could be placed almost anywhere and may not be seen easily. However, since the transmitter are used with Radio Frequency (RF), bugs can be detected easily with the right device. Though the device is easily detected, tracing back to whoever plants this bug will be a difficult task to find. RF Receiver is a receiver in a form of an earring that serves like a headphone/earpiece and etc. Built to be heard only through RF bug.

    [ DG- T ]

    DG-T: Felix [Hearts] by bente36

▌ P E R S O N A L I T Y

[ hard-headed | daring | cheeky | narcissistic | mischievous | worrisome | caring | awkward ] 

One thing that he's expert at is his ability to mess around with others. He would tease, make horrible nicknames or do anything that annoys any person. When provoked, he would usually fight back with snarky remarks or even engage roughhouse with the other. He doesn't really care of someone's personal life (unless he's close to you) and he would dare say or do things that one may not  approve of. And although this was done in a joking manner, he can be narcissistic and loves himself a little too much.

Despite being a mischievous little shit he is, he's actually worrisome and caring with the other's well-being-- especially if this person is someone who he is closed with or used to be closed with, even if this someone may look or sound like an enemy. Throughout the years of having different "homes" and "families", yet has constantly slip away from his grasp, he (subconsciously) is still willing to take it back or find more people that he can hold close dearly (which he does it in a very shitty way). Ironically enough, he didn't like the concept of home and family, but has gained them in weird ways that even he couldn't explain it. Gaining them somehow brought some of his old personality back.

Felix is also always awkward on romantic or lewd-type of advances towards him.

[ Likes and Dislikes ]

    + Books (usually Diary of Adventurers or Travel Guide)
    + Friends
    + Training
    + Beer (drinks rarely tho)
    + Panties 
    + Ministration in his hair (will never admit it though)

    - concept of Home
    - concept of Family
    - Spaghetti
    - Androgynous people
    - Pit Fights
    - Tranquilizer
    - Smell of antiseptics

▌ H I S T O R Y

Felix doesn't stay in one place for more than 3-4 years. He constantly hops from one place to another depending on the situation he is in. Situation can be either unbearable for him or he was forced to leave. Last he remember was living in the orphanage, family of thieves, an organization called Yggdrasil, Library, Bar and a Syndicate. Finally, in his late teen years, he landed in BJBB when he was beaten up badly by POSRA while working in a syndicate. He claimed to keep this professional and would work for only a year and half to repay his gratitude, although the reality of it might be somewhere in the middle.

He retraced his friends and families after he fulfilled working in the Brigade in a given time he set. What he saw was them having their own lives peacefully, or at least slightly better than he remembered.  After a year leaving the brigade, and meeting most of his friends, he came back and worked again as a spy and thief. He learned that his old friends strive to find their own home.

Maybe it's about time he has his own.

Chapter 1: Family

He may not remember clearly, but his first stay were in an orphanage community. Like most of the rabbits that resides in the building, he has limited access to the outside world due to discrimination against rabbits. Unfortunately, the treatments in the community are no different from the outside as most rabbits within the vicinity were being bullied and rumored upon. However, what the orphanage differs from the outside world is that they provide rabbits a sense of security under the owner of the said community. They were given proper needs, budgeted by generous organizations outside Pearson Island and handled by an old lady. So they're sure that they won't be treated like a kind of property, which seems to be popular for young rabbits.

His life in the orphanage weren't so sad or horrible as most people would think. A bit dull, yes, with what they only have in the building. But at least he has friends, who became part of his life significantly. Although he couldn't remember them quite so well, he knew that they were important to him.

Felix's solitary life, however, ended when one of the kids in the orphanage lured him out to the streets. The kids didn't really plan for the young rabbit to get lost on the streets for real, but the latter happened and the rabbit walked around on his own. He thought it would be exciting to stroll around the streets, being the adventurous spirited he is, but he became terrified when he learns black markets and the illegal activities surrounded the district. He also discovered that most of the victims were rabbits like him. 

Thankfully, a gang of kids came by and helped him out to find where he lives. Finding the orphanage, however, proved to be difficult for the young individuals. The rabbit didn't know the name of the orphanage, (he can't read and he's illiterate) and they have zero lead except it has basketball court, which is pretty much everywhere. Believing that Felix is really lost for good, they decided to take him in and take care of him. The gang revealed to actually have the system comparable to a "family". Although they taught him the art of stealing, a job that he has to do if he's going to live with them, they provided him shelter, made up a birthday for him, eat dinner together and other things that families normally do.

Meanwhile, workers in the orphanage kept on looking for him. They've searched and search, but they never found him.

Chapter 2: Friends

Knowing the district is a dangerous place, known to kidnap young rabbits for black markets, Felix and the gang were always careful and cautious while doing their "job". Picking victims to be pick pocketed were one of the examples that they need to be careful of. However, the rabbit picked the wrong person to be pick pocketed, because the very person he chose as a victim happens to be a part of an organization that's popular for using intelligent life forms as their test subjects.

Unfortunately, he got caught red-handed and was about to be tossed in the prison. The person who's supposedly Felix's victim bought him and sent him to "Yggdrasil" which he will be used as a test for their test subjects. The rabbit was completely terrified when he learned that this "test" was to fight with their "guinea pigs", his own brethren, until one of them dies in a pit fight. He didn't know what they were giving to him; the food, the injections and etc. - but whatever they are, it honed his skills greatly, mostly his agility and stamina, in a short amount of time.

Even if that made him stronger, he never wanted to fight and he definitely never wanted another bloodshed. Life in this organization were unbearable that the thought of ending his own life crossed his mind. But the thought quickly dissipated when he met a nameless rabbit, who he became friends over the course of time. He started calling this friend "Clover" because of the tattoo on his cheek. Both have shared stories and Felix learned that Clover never have actually seen the outside of Yggdrasil. Felix, then, went on to find ways how to escape from the organization for years. Discovering hidden paths and tunnels, he was able to sketch out an escape route in his head, being an escapist he is. But the plan were quickly put to scrap when Clover insisted to stay. His friend explained that he was very uncertain with living outside, much to his dismay. Felix, although a little reluctant, decided to stay with him.

Life in the organization wasn't so bad when you know there's someone out there for you. But there came a shocking moment for the two rabbits when they were forced to fight each other in the pit. Clover finally gave a green light to Felix that this time, they're going to leave this place for good. Getting out isn't so hard for Felix anymore, since he had been tinkering and finding ways for them to leave for years. When they were almost at the brink of freedom, his friend was shot by a tranquilizer. Felix didn't know what to do and was too wuss to fight back the guards. Out of panic, he left his friend drugged and stuck behind the walls of the outer part of the organization.

Chapter 3: Learning

He looked for his family frantically. They're hideout was empty and he didn't find one member in sight, or any clues as to where they are now except for a passerby, who told him that they were raided by the police and they were forced to part ways. All hope was lost and he decided to move on with his life. With stealing being the only thing he knows, he became a part of a gang that steals valuable items, most of which are arts, priceless treasures, jewelries and etc. Stealing isn't limited to only valuable items, however, but confidential informations and identity of a person as well. 

In one of his mission, Felix and his team got caught in a trap and was about to be led in prison. However, tossing him in the prisoner was put on hold when one of the workers in the orphanage found him. The worker lied that they were looking for him and that the police might've mistaken Felix to be one with them. Showing proof that Felix was owned by the orphanage, the rabbit is released and the worker escorted him back to his old home. Unfortunately, the new owner of the orphanage didn't want to take care of any rabbits, especially to a rabbit who have worked in a gang, much to the worker's dismay. Felix was then sent to one of the Old Lady's relative, an owner of the library, Uncle Martin. There, he worked as an assistant while residing there. He was taught how to read and write, learned other basic lessons from science and math, and world outside of Pearson Island. His eagerness to learn and explore had made reading books as part of his hobby.

Living in the library was short lived when lots of customers identified him as one of the gang who stole various items, eventhough Uncle Martin have been telling them that it wasn't the case. With growing numbers of stolen items near the area, and the growing suspicion that it was Felix who were stealing those items, Martin is forced to send Felix elsewhere. He ended up living with Martin's nephew and his nephew's little sister in an apartment. Guilt-stricken that Felix have become a burden, he later worked as a janitor with Martin's nephew in a bar called "5th Street Tavern". At some point, he became a driver and a barista as few years.

Chapter 4: Recruitment

Unfortunate events struck them when there was an accident in a cafe caused by a rabbit. Fewer customer came by the bar, knowing a rabbit is in a presence in the bar. Rumoring him as part of a gang didn't help him and the bar either. He chose to leave on his own accord, and left to join another gang, which he was referred from a customer in a bar. Organization weren't as bad as he thought. On a contrary, it's where he is most comfortable at all the places he lived, with rabbits and humans being treated equally-- except for the part where he is forced to crossdress as a disguise and steal panties.

The growing number of POSRA's activity have grown weary for the gang. They planned to migrate in case POSRA found their hideout. In the midst of moving, the party was unfortunately got caught by POSRA and has left the gang in a devastated position. Out of desperation, the team tossed Felix in a manhole, letting him hide while the others got scrambled, trying to not get caught by them.

The encounter with POSRA had left him with gashes and wounds. Predictably, walking in the sewer with open cuts, he got infected by it and finally fell unconscious. He woke up in the infirmary, completely patched up and taken care of.


He never knew that such a place, a haven for rabbits, exist in the island. But even knowing this, BJBB held no significance for him and tried to never get attached to it. Though the fact that he was saved by them made him obliged to stay and work as a repayment for his gratitude.

Chapter 5: Home

He left BJBB temporarily after a year and half working with them. The rabbit retraced the places he lived when he was young and the whereabouts of his "family" and friends. What he found out was that most of them have their lives on their own and living peacefully-- or at least slightly better than what he remembered. After a year leaving the brigade, and meeting most of his friends, he came back and worked again as a spy and thief. He learned that his old friends strive to find their own home.

Maybe it's about time he has his own.

[  T I M E L I N E  ]
Felix: Throughout the Years by bente36

▌ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

   [ Trivia ]

  • His name means Happy or Lucky
  • He doesn't know his parents-- basically his origin.
  • He learned how to read and write while working as a librarian assistant
  • After escaping Yggdrasil, he never kills anyone unless needed to. This was due to the fact that he's a little traumatic with his past
  • He visits the places he used to live in during his free time.
  • There are few miscellaneous skills that he picked up before joining BJBB. He knows how to drive and cook.
  • Seems to be fond of girls who have masculine traits. This was due to a certain girl who used to fight bullies from the orphanage. He doesn't realize that though. 
  • There's a V mark on his right rabbit ear.

   [ Relationships ]
  • Mei: ( Teacher . Boss . Master ) Mei was his teacher and a dear friend. While they don't train much anymore, he still calls him Teacher, Boss or Master. Despite knowing Mei as a Trump, he still acts very casually around him and shows lack of reservation, which he usually shows to Overcards and Trumps.  In one of the mission with Mei, he decided to cut his hair to save him from captivity. He doesn't know if that was a dumb move or not.

  • Kirsche: ( Blondie . Roomie ) One of his first friends in the Brigade and also his roommate. He and Kirsche would sometimes share sweets and Felix would sometimes joke around to lighten Kirsche up. They sometimes help each other with Kirsche's homeworks and Felix's part-time job in a laundry... albeit a little clumsy. Right now, Felix is worried about his now gloomy state.

  • Vanilla: (Shortie . Late-bloomer )He loves to tease her with her height, eventhough she's not exactly short for a girl. He became his friend after hanging out with her often.
  • Aster: ( The terminator . Clover ) He's scared of him and could feel his scowl 5 meters ahead. While he doesn't want to mess with his superior, he felt the urge to tease and lighten him up a bit even if it kills him.

  • Lyn: ( Gearhead ) Probably one of his closest female friend. It started out with a stolen sandwich, teaching her how to properly make one, actually made one and brought it to him in the infirmary, trained her, somewhat heart to heart conversation in the pub and learning secrets such as Lyn's crush on Mo. Lyn somewhat became his personal emotional punching bag and drinking buddy.

  • Mo: ( Ricecake ) They'll never get along. Ever. Felix was a little pissed at the overprotective dude and seem to disapprove of his friendship with Lyn (probably because he kept on stealing his mochi and kept calling his mochi "Tasteless Carbs". Also likes to think he's jealous). Despite their constant (and intense) arguments, both have come into friendly terms.

  • Val: ( Chibi Demon . Shortcake . Squirt . Midget . Mini me . Short Stuff . Funsize . Small Fry . Runt . Vertically-challenged half pint lady . Little Sister) They always exchange snarky remarks and nicknames, earning Val the most number of nicknames from him. Felix thought of her as one of those annoying little rabbits until Val got caught in an accident where she took the hit that was supposedly Felix's. He had never felt so scared and that made him unconsciously protective of her. Also, something in him made him ridiculously happy everytime Val calls him "Big Brother". He won't admit it though.

  • ??? : An old friend he came across while visiting his first home; the orphanage. For some unknown reason, Felix is fond of this person's presence and wants to keep in touch.

  • Pan: ( Bloody Mary ) A clumsy medic who have been treating his injuries for more than once. When the brigade's activity toned down, he was forced to travel with Pan back to her grandfather's workplace. During their journey, both have become acquaintance and left Pan a huge transformation.
  • Eight: The first person he regretfully shared kiss with. Felix isn't homophobic but that left him traumatized for at least a month. He respects this dude though

        Old App:
 Felix-oldapp by bente36

[03 . 12 . 2015] FINALLY UPDATED HIS APP AFTER 3 FREAKING YEARS :iconscreaminplz: This isn't finished though kaldsja but I've been meaning to change it for sooo long and the outfit is so outdated. In the meantime, decoy app :'D //smacked. Stuff I added: Likes x Dislikes, Items of Choice and his shetteh personality asdjasjd

[03 . 19 . 2015] Still a decoy app EHEH. Everything's going slow I'm so sorry askdlj //much busy. So the update is the history- I just expand the detail and well- yeah. I wrote a little too much hhnnngg. There are probably a lot of bad grammars, em sarreh :'D
BJBB Modeling Agency by bente36
BJBB Modeling Agency
a reaaalllyyy old sketch. I wasn't planning to submit this but- yeah 8'D

Kynton :iconzwirrow:
Ryu :iconnekoyashaprincess:
Lea :icona-shiyocchi:
[NaCo] Team Exodus by bente36
[NaCo] Team Exodus

This has something to do with the banquet event RP ahuehue. It was fun not making Kanimimi to sleep //SMACKED.
Character belongs to Kanimimi roxie449 and JayJayTay. Crow belongs to me~



[NaCo] Jannika by Kanimimi[NaCo] Xander Wolfram by bente36[Naco] Ren Takahashi by JayJayTayNaCo: Calliope by roxie449

I forgot to say that the background is inspired from hen-tie

Fullbody x 4 = 1400


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