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BJBB: Chapter3 - Theme4 by bente36
BJBB: Chapter3 - Theme4

will explain how this goes akldjas

EDIT: here's what happened. (I would've seriously draw them out but what is time adljka. Seriously thought this APEC thing would give me more time but i was kinda wrong and it got kinda busy)

There's a purpose why Felix snuck the tiny-microphones on POSRA. It's to detect where they headed next or what their movements would be. Knock down a low ranking POSRA and took it's communication gadget. Set up trap on random streets. Had Gary hack a minor small unit/group of POSRA's communication system (note that it's not on their main com). Made prank calls that would lead those small units to several traps instead of suspects.

And lastly.... when they're caught.... I will probably sketch this out kaldj. This part will have something to do with Pan and the boy in green suit from theme 3. I hope I'll have the motivation to finish this story aldjkha //hasn't finished theme1 as well.

Gary belongs to :iconspoxxy:
thank you very much for lending me your babs!!!! :iconsparklesplz:
BJBB: Chapter3 - Theme3 by bente36
BJBB: Chapter3 - Theme3

I woke up the next day. I was on the bed and completely patched up. A bullet freshly ripped out from your chest didn't feel nice but at least I'm alive. I thought someone from this hospital patched me up until a nurse came in asked me. "You came in with bandages around you. Were you with someone when this happened? We need to know if you have anymore injuries.". I fell silent and didn't feel the urge to tell them the truth. 

Maybe I'm just confused and tired.

I wanted to try and visualize what a policeman would think in this situation. Pan never really had the intention to save this guy but circumstances led her to help him anyway and ended up shooting a low ranking POSRA officer on the chest. She couldn't imagine herself killing someone despite being a hitman herself. Because of that, she tried to save him.

The guy, who she saves, revealed himself to have some actual unwanted past records (something that deals with corpses and dead rabbits) which made him suspicious to POSRA. He also takes part on saving the officer.

So long story short, Pan kind of saved both her enemies.... she useless I swear kaldjs

this supposedly have connections for Felix's part but what is time

OH YEAH, remember Yuuto? yep that's him
BJBB: Chapter3 - Theme2 by bente36
BJBB: Chapter3 - Theme2

I LITERALLY DID THIS JUST HALF DAY TODAY and the bg isn't even finished jadsh. I only get to draw freely today //so busy for this whole 2 weeks :iconsopsplz:

There's POSRA at the back and Felix was planning to put mini microphones on them.


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MappleKey Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015
Hello I am the leader of a role play group called MKP-I. I wanted to invite you too :iconmkp-i:
The app requires a digital drawing and the main way to role play is through skype but you may do notes or others ways to rp. The basic plot is summed up below go to the group for more details.

Mapple Island - is an drop off zone 'finished' subjects. They are placed on the island but they do not knows why they are there yet it is going to show up more and more in the chapters and explain. Characters role play through the chapters finding hints and clues through exploration and reading through the chapters as well as Dairy or story entries made by Group leader(s). People are welcome to make productions and things like that but one of the group or subject goals is to find out why they are there but currently they do not know that is there goal and they are thinking more on survival. 

The current point of the role play is to make your character/everyone unaware to why they are on the island all they know for now is that no one else is there but themselves until they start meeting other subjects. The current goal is survival.

I hope to see you join. I you are not interested feel free to ignore.
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