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deviation in storage by ramy


My official journal for livestreaming! Livestream is currently OFFLINE

Using because comp lagging ahuehue

Hello guys! I know it's been a loooong time since I updated my journal. Just wanted to say that I'm updated in tumblr and facebook. I post wips/finish paintings/art


I would appreciate it if you could give a thumbs up for my facebook page~ 


BJBB: Watermelon by bente36
BJBB: Watermelon


Based on a tumblr post which I can't see it anymore so I'm putting the youtube link instead [ LINK ]

This happened before Niels was recruited to BJBB. So basically Pan was in some hypermarket. The line was long and Pan, being a genius she is, thought of making herself pregnant to get ahead of the line- but then she trips by that thing on the floor and the unfortunate watermelon went splat by her deadly weight. Low Rank POSRA chased after her, not because of the incident, but because she forgot to pay for the watermelon. The event led both Niels and Pan bumped to each other while getting chased by POSRA. At some point they were stuck in some building, locked away from the police and she sent distressed signal. And lo and behold, diva Lea and his Loreal hair to the rescue.

//I suck at summary, can't you tell?

There wasn't supposed to be BG akldjas oh god why //DIES :iconpapmingplz: 
BJBB: SketchDump 01 by bente36
BJBB: SketchDump 01
1/4 of BJBB WIPs 8'D I'm actually not going to finish these (except for 3 and 5)

  1. Out of Character Pan and Felix- because they can't be that serious and badass lmfao this is just a practice sketch for perspective + pose but I might finish it- maybe. (will have to fix the composition tho :iconmingtearsplz: )

  2. Some frame from an Art RP with Kanlamari. I'm really proud of this one (eventhough I just reuse the BG //shot'd) another perspective practice :'D

  3. Livestream sketch aklsdjaskldj All of these adorable buns :'D 

  4. BG + Perspective practice 8'D wrong composition again

  5. Supposedly a christmas gift Q7Q I'm so sorry if I'm so slow OTL

    • Tatiana Ross (c) nocu

  6. Pan and the sexy Papa, Ryu.

BJBB: Loreal by bente36
BJBB: Loreal

:iconsparklesplz:because u worth it:iconsparklesplz:

I keep on debating whether or not I submit this. Oh well, here goes negative points for me //LAFFS //smacked

Lea (c) :icona-shiyocchi:
[NaCo] Xander Wolfram by bente36
[NaCo] Xander Wolfram




Name: Xander Wolfram
Codename: Crow
Age: 16
Birthday: October 5
Height: 5'5.5" ft.
Weight: 103 lbs.
Ethnicity: German | Japanese
Residence: Belschit


[ Dull | Simple-Minded  | Reckless | Soft-Hearted | Forgetful | Curious | Gullible | Shy ]

It's hard for the others to read his expression as he always sports a dull, straight face. He is always simple-minded, taking words or things that are meant to have another meaning to a literal one (e.g. Lend me your ears; he will prolly think he needs to cut his ears and lend it to you). He's very reckless, especially if it concerns his friends or his things that have sentimal value in it, making him trully a soft-hearted guy. It is, however, hard to establish relationship with him as he always forgets the people he meets in a short amount of time. Hearing things from the Old Eden times made him curious on what kind of lifestyle they had before- but that made him gullible as he always believe anything on what other people say, especially to those he deems wise. Crow is also shy at any form of affection towards him

Strengths and Weaknesses

+ Fast and Nimble Movements
    + Circular Defensive Mechanism
    + High Accuracy
    + Hard-Working

    - Unaware of his surroundings / Easily Distracted
    - Physically Weak
    - Low Intelligence (so complicating plans--)
    - Shows serious business only when he feels like to (unless being ordered by higher-ups)

Likes and Dislikes

     + Mister Crow, his pet crow back home.
    + His home in Belschit
    + His Grandfather and his Mother
    + His friends
    + Soft Women (especially for the ones who's willing to hug him)

    - Anything with raisins
    - His Skinny Body
    - People seeing his scars
    - Tying neckties properly


"They're really fighting loud..."

His family had first resided in Roseelf, living a normal life with normal problems and normal lifestyle. His mother worked as a mechanic for handheld gadgets and his father owned a gun pawn shop. Him and his twin brother, obviously, are still attending school. Both the twin brothers are very close to each other that they almost looked like an inseparable duo with matching beanie. Despite their close relationship, their parents, however, have the nack to argue with each other ever so often. Even for a very simple reason as leaving a spoon on the dishwasher could spark an argument between the couple. The parents, although they argue alot, loved each other and even loved the twin brothers more. It was until the brothers decided to be adventurous that led the family to break apart...

"Come on! come on! Let's go!"
"Shh! you're waking mom and dad!"

At the age of 7, the twins decided to buy gifts for their parent's anniversary. Both blondies slipped out of their bedroom and headed out of town to buy something special for them. While walking on the sidewalk, his twin brother was looking by the shopping window and Xander was lagging behind him. The wind blew his beanie away and landed on the road. A boy chasing after his beanie sounded so harmless- until a large truck's tires screeched and echoed ungracefully towards him. Xander was very lucky to have a random passerby to save him- pushing him away from the road- but that led the man's life end ultimately. Eventhough the passerby saved him, the accident left Xander with deep cuts on his face and few on his body. 

The situation ended with a huge arguments and pointing blames between the couple. Xander was all patched up on the bed, waiting for the parents to settle down, while his twin brother was there, sitting beside Xander with guilt written on his face.

"Don't worry little bro. They always fight. It will end fine..." 

But with a mother throwing her wedding ring at their father, that didn't seem like a normal fight at all.

"Bye bye big brother"

"We're going, Xander"

His mother said this sternly, with luggages and curious files that had his father's and mother's signature in it.

"Oh? Where are we going, mom?"
"We're going to your Grandpa in Belschit. You like Grandpa, don't you?"
"You don't mind his fruitcakes, right?"
"Bleh. His fruitcakes have raisins. Raisins are the work of the devil."

His mother chuckled, kissing his forehead before she tossed both of their luggage in the taxi cab. Both went in the back sit... with only just the two of them.

"Isn't dad and big brother coming?"
"No, honey"
"How long are we gonna be away then?"

With the look on his mother's face, he knew they're going to be away for a very long time. And that made him very sad. His brother's scream at the background, chasing after the moving car made him cry silently. He cried and cried and cried.... without looking back to look at his brother's face one last time.

"...It's my fault"

Several years have passed and Xander, abolishing his real name and wanted to be called as "Crow",  applied a short course in a military dorm school in Aldholt. There, he met 3 people who he considers his close friend; Janni, Calli and Ren. One particular person piqued his interest, and that person is Ren. He had suspicion that he and Ren are related, not only is his name sounded familiar, but his looks as well. Still, eventhough he wanted to know if he really is his brother and the idea excites him, he was too afraid to talk about it because of his past mistake.

For a year, The gang hanged out together and they revealed to have the same goal: joining Nathair. They have their own reason, Crow as well. 

"Why are you joining Nathair?" A woman with red hair, asked.

He sat there, silent as ever. The memories ringing back when they were in Belschit. His mother's room were filled with newspaper cutouts regarding everything about Nathair-Co. Apparently, his mother and his grandfather heard about Crow's biological father joining in the military. His mother was sitting by the cashier, her old wedding ring that she threw on her ex-husband, glimmed on her ring finger. Eyes were distant, her smile didn't shine like before, and his mother's well-being seem to crumble apart before him-- despite being well off under his grandfather's business as an owner of a cafe.

"I'm joining Nathair so I can bring my father back..."

And now his purpose is driven to bring back the happiness his mother had before

" I can see my mother smile again"

"I'm Ready."

"Hmm, Xander Wolfram?"


"Mr. Wolfram... Ah, you have a family relative here"
"Family? Y-you don't mean my father?!"

"...No, I meant your brother. Twin in fact. 'Seems like you don't know?"
"M-my twin-?"

"Well, enough with the chit chat. Pick up the weapon and you'll join Nathair"

Crow nodded at the instruction. When he picked up the weapon, the first thing he felt is a strong pang of pain over him. It felt as if everything in him is changing and evolving. He knelt down as the pain over took him and almost made him unconscious. Once the pain is over, he looked at his god arc then his arclet on his wrist. He stood up, twirling his god arc like a baton while looking at it with slight awe.

"Congratulations Xander Wolfram, you are now a God-Eater"


  • [Naco] Ren Takahashi by JayJayTay - A very flirty guy. Met him in the military school and have suspicion that he might be related to him. Helped him from getting bullied and practically dragged him to the group. They've become close friends afterwards and now part of the squad. His presence made Crow very comfortable, despite his outgoing nature and his own unwanted past.

  • [NaCo] Jannika by Kanimimi - The religious-loving geek who seems to have a lot of fun with Ren and a childhood friend to Janni. Crow reminds her of his mother a little bit since she displayed protective nature and motherly habit. Janni watched over Crow so Ren wouldn't rub his bad influence on him. She's the leader of the Squad.

  • NaCo: Calliope by roxie449 - A hug-loving and innocent gal. She seems to like to hug all of them (yes, including Ren). She always seems so calm and smiles a lot compare to the other two lively ones. Calli is very soft and Crow likes that a lot. Considers her as a friend and also part of the Squad


  • He's left-handed
  • He can speak some German
  • He has two stitch marks on his left and one on the right. There's a huge one on his left shoulder down to his chest.
  • Wears beanie upside down. He didn't want the people to see a broken/missing heart that's printed on it
  • His mother never really approved for him to join the school and then to NaCo, but she respected his decision. His Grandfather supported him by giving him fruitcakes when he leaves or arrives... much to his dismay.
  • Crow had suspicions that he and Ren are related since the day he saved him from getting bullied. He wanted to think he is his brother, but was afraid that he'll hate him for what he did in the past. This later confirmed him that they are during his recruitment in NaCo
  • His last name is his mother's maiden name.
  • He has a monotone voice
  • Blushy ears ahuehuehue

I would like to thank roxie449 JayJayTay and Kanimimi for letting me join and fleshing out my baby! QvQ I'd like to thank Kanlamari for whining motivating me to join the group! 

Also would like to thank :idevdarumarchen: and koppin for being patient with the appchecks and for suggestions!

                                                        Crow's Original/First Design [ WO: Xander "Crow" Wolfram ]


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